Premio Dardos award! :)


Thank you, Rob, for nominating me 🙂

And the award is Premio Dardos which means Prized darts(I didn’t know the word until I read it on Rob’s blog :D).I am so excited as this is my first ever award!


Here are the rules!

1; Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and a link to his or her blog – Done

2; Include the image of the “Premios Dardos” in the post – Done

3; Pass the award on up to 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement – This is something that may not be possible for me right now as I don’t follow many blogs.I hope that I can be forgiven by Rob for now.. 😀


Random clicks..


I love clicking photographs of nature randomly while travelling.

Sharing a few photos clicked from a slow-moving train.

River Godavari

That feeling of wanting more and more…


No, It’s not what you think it is.. 😉

I am talking about this attention that I get when I post something new on my blog(stats tell me when someone visits my blog and my face gets lit up like a bulb :D).It makes me want more of it.The magnitude of attention may be small, but the urge to make it double is way too strong.It makes me think about writing a post everyday.But no, I am not going to succumb to this urge.I will only write when I find a topic that’s worth writing about.I am under control of MYSELF.
It’s sometimes funny how I think of solving this conflict between those two voices in my mind.The only solution is to let one voice win and I always make sure that the rational voice wins over the naughty little irrational one.

I will get back to writing when I find a good topic. 🙂

-The Chirpy Dentist. 🙂



I have been thinking about this for a while and today the idea of writing a post about it occurred to me.The other day, I and my friend visited a palace of Nizam of Hyderabad.It’s one of some 4 or 5 places that Nizams built and own.There is not much heard about this place called Chowmahalla palace which is nearer to Charminar in Hyderabad.When I was buying entry tickets, I noticed a foreigner with braided hair buy a ticket for himself.He paid the money and said to the person who was selling tickets,’You are a good man.Thanks for being kind to me.’
The person who was selling tickets didn’t even care to listen to what this man was saying.Not many of us would understand why this man thanked him.Then I thought It’s called GRATITUDE for the minutest of the gestures and things that we are blessed with.I don’t find many people who would thank more often for the luxuries that we enjoy.It’s perhaps that we take everything for granted.Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to have.When we are content with something, we feel this urge to thank someone(not many of us,though).I think we should thank more often for everything that we have at the moment.Be it happiness, sorrow, pain or anything, It has its own significance in our lives to help us evolve and grow.I am going to adopt this habit of feeling thankful and saying it out.
I see myself transforming into a Chirpy dentist,again! yay! 🙂

Was it a dream or a nightmare?


I was watching from my room in the hostel…He was running out of fear chased by some people carrying weapons..I was scared at that scene…I couldn’t do anything except watching it happen..I ran out to see what was happening..they were nowhere near my hostel..I thought they might already have reached the college entrance gate..Running in haste, I neared the gate just to see him on the ground with a stab wound on his stomach..I had a lump in my throat..I felt the ground under my feet trembling..Everything went blank..I couldn’t see anything except him lying on the ground unconsciously.. I didn’t cry..I don’t know why..It may be that I knew that I should be strong or it was the shock due to which I couldn’t cry even if I wanted to..I slowly went to him, put my palm on his forehead and caressed him..I couldn’t call for help because I left my phone in hostel..I asked people over there if they had called the ambulance..They said that they didn’t.. I shouted at them to call at least then…Someone called a hospital and the ambulance was there in five minutes..Those five minutes were hell for me because it was someone I loved..Someone who badly broke my heart into pieces and threw them away leaving me without an option to reassemble those pieces..He left my heart damaged…After those 5 long minutes, I tried to carry him in my arms to put him in the stretcher..Two people carrying the stretcher helped me..They took him to the hospital…I remained at the entrance gate crying silently…Suddenly I woke up to this dream…Or was it a nightmare?

A day out in Vizag..


It was on the day before yesterday that I went out with friends who visited The City Of Destiny where I currently reside.My college is in a town which is two hours away from my place and i stay at college hostel.We were here to attend a friend’s wedding on Wednesday.So we decided to have fun in these last few months of our college life.I woke up late on that day as I slept late the previous night.My friend pinged me on viber asking me if I would like to come out.I told him that I would see him in an hour.I went to this park which is connected to a beach.It was 11 o’clock in the morning with the scorching May sun.I met five of my friends there which included two couples.I and my friend left them to have their own wonderful time together.we went to a nearby mall where we met another set of friends.All the 7 of us headed towards Kailasagiri, a hilltop park which is a tourist attraction in Visakhapatnam.we reached there by 1 o’clock in that burning heat.I and my friend quickly searched for some shade under a roof and settled down watching the serene view of the sea from the hill top.It was huge, but I was exhausted to take in all the beauty of nature.Humidity is another problem in this city.Five minutes out of home and you are drenched in sweat.It’s totally frustrating.we spent our time going around the park, sitting in the meadows, having ice creams in was 3:30 when we left the park for beach.Nothing can be more stupid than going to a beach in a fuming hot sun.We did it only to regret it later(I did, don’t know about the rest). Beach was at its worst,partly due to the bad tides and due to the enormous crowd which was there casually or may be out of curiosity to find out the condition of beach as there was an earth quake on the previous night.we couldn’t stand the crowd for too long and were out of it in half an hour.I dropped my friend at the bus station and I waited there till the other friends reached us.On my way back home, there was a sudden shift in climate with heavy wind and I was scared to start my moped.I somehow managed to start it and crossed the road.When I was hit by the wind on the other side of the road, I decided to stop at a shop and wait for the wind to come down.I took a halt there and started after 10 minutes.On the way, I found many branches of trees which fell down due to the wind.I finally reached home..Today while I was sitting under a tree on the hilltop, I thought about how we people are polluting the environment.It was the killing heat that constantly reminded me of the harm we are inflicting on the environment and on ourselves in one way or the other.Is this going to change? If yes, When is this going to change? 😦 They say that we should be the change that we want in the world.But it needs collective effort.does it not? So what can be done about this?

-Just another crazy dentist hoping to recover soon. 🙂

Statues of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Statues of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

A view of sea from hill top. Look at the vapour over the sea..Heights of humidity.