Crazy life..


I am currently in the most confusing phase of my life till now.I believe so.And I don’t know what is going on around me.I want to sort many things out.I am becoming crazy day by day.Let me see what I have in my life and why I am feeling this way.First of all, I am dependent at the age of 22.But that’s not an immediate problem, because I have been this way since the day I was born.Being dependent for little more time may not do any harm to my self-respect.But it is a matter of concern.Then, I am going to leave my college in six months.Going to step out of my comfort zone(although it is a nasty place with nasty people around, it still is my comfort zone, as I spent 4 and a half years under its roof.)It creates a million dollar question “WHAT IS NEXT?” driving me even crazier.let me think that i made it through that PG entrance exam,and i got into a PG course,then it’s again going to be a brand new story of a girl or lady(i don’t know what to call myself.perhaps i can call myself a person.)or a person working day in and day out for the degree going through all sorts of ill-treatment by the superiors(because that’s what is likely to happen in PG courses as far as i heard.)The thought itself sends chills through my spine, because I am not a person who can tolerate any injustice.i may not raise my voice against it, but my heart always struggles inside.If I give up my thoughts about going to a PG college, I don’t have many options.I have to earn.not only for myself, but for all the things I have in my mind. So earning is mandatory.I am not a person who can think of getting married and get on with life depending on someone else financially or emotionally for the rest of my life like my peers.That sounds like a NO serious commitments.Now I think it’s time to talk about that heartbreak I had 2 years ago and it still aches.let’s not go into details, because that’s another long story.Now about the people around me.I feel that I am living in a forest full of animals, some innocent, some selfish and some cruel.Every day I discover something which I haven’t known existed in those people.I am still learning to cope up in this world.I am not very religious, but I am spiritual.I believe that being spiritual has nothing to do with being religious.But people always disagree and I don’t care about what they think.I somewhere have my mind connected to God.That’s a relief..But I feel that I have become just another crazy dentist(I was once a chirpy dentist). Hoping to recover soon…! 🙂


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