Was it a dream or a nightmare?


I was watching from my room in the hostel…He was running out of fear chased by some people carrying weapons..I was scared at that scene…I couldn’t do anything except watching it happen..I ran out to see what was happening..they were nowhere near my hostel..I thought they might already have reached the college entrance gate..Running in haste, I neared the gate just to see him on the ground with a stab wound on his stomach..I had a lump in my throat..I felt the ground under my feet trembling..Everything went blank..I couldn’t see anything except him lying on the ground unconsciously.. I didn’t cry..I don’t know why..It may be that I knew that I should be strong or it was the shock due to which I couldn’t cry even if I wanted to..I slowly went to him, put my palm on his forehead and caressed him..I couldn’t call for help because I left my phone in hostel..I asked people over there if they had called the ambulance..They said that they didn’t.. I shouted at them to call at least then…Someone called a hospital and the ambulance was there in five minutes..Those five minutes were hell for me because it was someone I loved..Someone who badly broke my heart into pieces and threw them away leaving me without an option to reassemble those pieces..He left my heart damaged…After those 5 long minutes, I tried to carry him in my arms to put him in the stretcher..Two people carrying the stretcher helped me..They took him to the hospital…I remained at the entrance gate crying silently…Suddenly I woke up to this dream…Or was it a nightmare?


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