I have been thinking about this for a while and today the idea of writing a post about it occurred to me.The other day, I and my friend visited a palace of Nizam of Hyderabad.It’s one of some 4 or 5 places that Nizams built and own.There is not much heard about this place called Chowmahalla palace which is nearer to Charminar in Hyderabad.When I was buying entry tickets, I noticed a foreigner with braided hair buy a ticket for himself.He paid the money and said to the person who was selling tickets,’You are a good man.Thanks for being kind to me.’
The person who was selling tickets didn’t even care to listen to what this man was saying.Not many of us would understand why this man thanked him.Then I thought It’s called GRATITUDE for the minutest of the gestures and things that we are blessed with.I don’t find many people who would thank more often for the luxuries that we enjoy.It’s perhaps that we take everything for granted.Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to have.When we are content with something, we feel this urge to thank someone(not many of us,though).I think we should thank more often for everything that we have at the moment.Be it happiness, sorrow, pain or anything, It has its own significance in our lives to help us evolve and grow.I am going to adopt this habit of feeling thankful and saying it out.
I see myself transforming into a Chirpy dentist,again! yay! 🙂


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